I am based out of Western NC but have some flexibility to travel throughout the Carolinas and East Tennessee with proper notice.  I have a regular part time with some built in flexibility and am in school full time so I am rarely available same day.  Please plan ahead to see me.  You will be glad you did.

I do post my availability for incalls on a fairly regular basis.  At this time incalls are only available in the cities and on the dates below.


Visiting Raleigh:  Available 5pm 10/3 to 10am 10/6

Visiting Charlotte:  Available 6pm 10/12 to 10pm 10/14

Visiting Greenville SC:  Available 5pm 10/26 to 10am 10/28


Visiting Charlotte:  Available 6pm 11/4 to 10am 11/7

Visiting Nashville:  Available 6pm 11/11 to 10am 11/13

Visiting Huntsville AL:  Available 6pm 11/13 to 10am 11/14

Visiting Atlanta:  Available 6pm 11/14 to 10am 11/16

Visiting Tallahassee FL:  Available 6pm 11/16 to 10am 11/17

Visiting Tampa FL:  Available 6pm 11/17 to 10am 11/19

Visiting St Augustine FL:  Available 6pm 11/19 to 10am 11/20

Visiting Macon GA:  Available 6pm 11/20 to 10am 11/21

Visiting Atlanta:  Available 6pm 11/21 to 10am 11/23


Visiting Charlotte:  Available 6pm 12/2 to 10am 12/5

Visiting Raleigh:  Available 6pm 12/12 to 10am 12/15

Visiting Norfolk/Virginia Beach:  Available 6pm 12/15 to 10am 12/17

Visiting Washington DC:  Available 6pm 12/17 to 10am 12/20

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